Creatively Adding Value to Enterprise

InGenius - Creatively Adding Value to Enterprise

Delivering better performing and more sustainable material solutions

Combining materials, industrial, retail and consumer-use expertise with integrated value chain understanding, InGenius' technical and commercial know-how creates value-added material solutions.

What is InGenius focusing on at present?

The potential of polyolefins to deliver new circular economy solutions. Here are three examples of what we're working on to turn this potential into reality:

Polyolefin Performance Coated Fabrics

…delivering better performing surfaces for furniture, transportation seats, walls, floors and more; enabling waste-free automated manufacture; and easy end-of-life revalorisation.

Polyolefin Footwear

…delivering close-to-market, automated, cost effective, waste-free manufacture (minimising unsold stock); improved biomechanical performance; iconic aesthetics; and easy end-of life revalorisation.

Polyolefin 3D Printing Materials

…delivering options for product designers, manufacturers and polymer converters to develop products, create prototypes and manufacture small batches of commercial products using engineering polymers that could see 3D printing play a bigger role in the re-shoring of manufacturing activities.

So, as you can tell, we've become passionate about polyolefins - find out why.