Creatively Adding Value to Enterprise
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Technical & Commercial Application Development

Creating New Business through Innovative Use of Materials for Improved Solutions

InGenius identifies opportunities to use new or improved material options to create closed-loop systems in production and use environments - enabling circular economies. We then put theory into practice by engaging carefully selected value chain partners at the right times, developing mutual purpose and exploring technical feasibility of the new concept.

Having proved technical feasibility, we then demonstrate commercial potential via pilot-scale production and market testing, in order to conclude our commercial feasibility analysis programme and enable full-scale commercial launch.

Application Development Projects aim to challenge traditional material selection in industry and gain access to wider markets for new and existing polymer grades though innovation in polymers and processes.



  • circular economy opportunities
  • lower environmental impact
  • safer materials handling in manufacturing
  • innovation and optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • better products for the end-user
  • improved value capture opportunities for stakeholders

How We Develop Applications...


Consortia Engagement

Engagement of brands, producers, converters and other influential stakeholders for maximum value chain advantage in the market.

Technical Feasibility

Proof of technical feasibility, initially in the laboratory, then at pilot and production scale.

Definition of technical specification, including identification of required performance characteristics in production, in use, and in closed-loop manufacture and recycle systems.

Compound formulation for applications using conversion processes such as:

  • Extrusion
  • Injection moulding (including foams)
  • Blow moulding
  • Coating & calendaring

Property testing and analysis against required and desired performance parameters.

Commercial Feasibility

Proof of commercial feasibility for polyolefin compounds in new applications - working with brand partners to demonstrate the commercial potential of a new development at pilot scale before leading the initiative into full commercialisation.