Creatively Adding Value to Enterprise

Strategy Improvement & Opportunity Identification

Evaluating Strategies, Discovering and Defining Opportunities

For over two decades, InGenius has worked with global organisations in the polymer and other materials industries to help them evaluate their strategies, think of relevant new approaches, and discover and define new opportunities.

These business creation opportunities result from evolutions in the needs of the value chain, new or improved conversion technologies, and new or improved polymers, chemistry platforms, or other materials.

We've got a wealth of knowledge spanning a wide range of application areas from food and beverage packaging to consumer goods to transportation. We also have proven thinking, techniques and tools to discover and define exciting new business platforms, with a systematic approach to building and extracting more value from new opportunities.



Seed opportunities leading to sustainable high-value businesses

InGenius looks for opportunities to explore ideas in an entry application that can produce some shorter term success. These opportunities have direct relevance to extended applications and potential to mature into large-scale and high-value new business platforms in the longer term. The aim of the entry point application is to be a good 'proving ground' of significant enough volume and value potential to interest all initial stakeholders.