Creatively Adding Value to Enterprise

Material Choices

Iterating between 'ideal' solutions and real-world materials options to find the optimal balance between performance and sustainability

InGenius can conduct and facilitate an optimisation of how materials are selected and sourced in order to meet the needs of a whole organisation.
From sourcing, through logistics, processing and manufacturing, fitness for purpose / product performance to re-use and/or recycle options.

The process starts with a holistic audit of material usage across the company:

  • From raw material sources through logistics and product functionality to waste disposal

  • To know where materials come from, what they are used for, how they are disposed of and how much all this costs to the company

Leading to achieving business performance improvement through integrated best-materials-selection-for-use process across the company; consolidated material choices for:

  • Overall increase to revenue and margins and reduction of costs – economies of scale

  • Added value through optimised use of material in specific applications

  • Increased profitability and sustainability from closed loop approaches

Benefits across the company

  • Increased revenue and margins

  • Reduced cost of materials

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced material waste

  • Enhancement of product/service quality throughout the supply chain

  • Increased innovation creating new market opportunities

  • Improved public profile through sustainable activities

  • Improved supplier relations with security of supply