Creatively Adding Value to Enterprise

Pellets to Products to Pellets

Bringing new ideas to life, creating better product solutions to new and existing challenges.

Over the course of the many years InGenius has spent working with chemicals companies, material converters, manufacturers and brand companies, we’ve come across similar challenges every time a new material, process or manufacturing concept has been developed. Conceiving where these inventions and innovations could add value is one thing, developing them with a specific application area in mind is another.

As a result InGenius has a flexible network of expertise and capability that can:

  • Identify the optimal polymer family and grade for an application

  • Create tailored compounds to provide desired properties considering manufacturing
    method, properties of the finished product, fabrication, packaging and recycle

  • Identify, develop and optimise material processing concepts

  • Create initial prototypes in order to prove technical feasibility

  • Develop and optimise automated manufacturing methods

  • Conceive and detail a route to market strategy and spin-off opportunities to help
    all stakeholders capture rightful value from their participation in the project